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Success Stories

2024 Outstanding Project Success Story – California

2023 Outstanding Project Success Story –  Oregon

Marketing Strategies for New Organic Farms – Family Farm Success Story CA (pdf)

Marketing Strategies for New Organic Farms – Project Success Story CA (pdf)

Bilingual Food Safety Training for Southeast Asian and Latino Small-Scale Farms (pdf)

Conservation as an Education Medium for the Age of Distraction – the ‘Art of Range’ Podcast – Washington (pdf)

Building Climate Resilience via Agroecology and Learning Networks – California (pdf)

Navajo Rancher Sustainability Project – New Mexico (pdf)

Outstanding Project Success Story – Utah (pdf)

Financial Planning for Alaskan Shellfish Farmers, University of Alaska Fairbanks (pdf)

Farm Basics for New Refugee Farmers, International Rescue Committee – Arizona (pdf)

Agritourism As An Enterprise Diversification Strategy for California Producers, University of California Davis (pdf)

Colorado Building Farmers Program – Creating New Capacity and Opportunities, Colorado State University Extension Boulder County (pdf)

Reducing Risk Through Agritourism Strategies, Univeristy of Hawaii Manoa (pdf)

Barley Risk Management Education, Idaho Barley Commission (pdf)

Production and Marketing Risk Management for Transitioning and Recently Certified Organic Growers in Idaho (pdf)

Managing Risk for Montana Producers in Mobile Processing of Poultry, Lake County Community Development (pdf)

Whole Ranch Planning Series, Southwest Grass-fed Livestock Alliance – New Mexico (pdf)

Exploring Producer Cooperative in Northern New Mexico, Taos County Economic Development Corporation (pdf)

Food Safety – A Tool for Managing Risk and Expanding Direct Marketing Opportunities, University of Nevada – Reno (pdf)

Niche Meat Marketing for Small and Mid-scale Livestock Producers, Oregon State University (pdf)

Niche Market Assessment & Strategy Development for Western Agriculture, Utah State University (pdf)

Risk Management Education for Washington Grain Producers – AgVentures Northwest (pdf)

Managing Food Safety Risks Through Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)- Washington (pdf)

Low-Stress Cattle Handling Training – Identifying and Managing Risk in the Work Force and Cattle Herd, Washington State University Extension (pdf)

High Plains Ranch Practicum, University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension (pdf)